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We Request Brother Imran Dahya, If He Is Reading This, To Kindly Contact Us.

Jazak Allah Khair!


18 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Salaam brother,

    I can’t find a naat which was read by Imran Dahya, it goes like this,

    Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se, Madina …. Gaya Hai Dil Mein, Meri Jaan Hai Madina, Meri Zindagi Madina, Salle Ala, Salle Ala, Sale Ala, Sale Ala..

    The style is copied from the bollywood movie, Dhadkan.

    REPLY: This Naat, “Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se”, is from the album “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum”. Insha Allah I Will Upload It By The Next Sunday!

  2. Assalamu Alykum

    I really enjoy listening to the nasheeds by Brother Imran Dahya. I was wondering if you have the collection from his CD ‘Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum’? I will be delighted if it will be possible to upload if you have the nasheeds.

    Jazak Allah Hu Khairun

  3. I was wondering can you put up the nazaam ” Mubarak ho dulha dulhan ko ye shadi meli dil de dil……” and the Nazaam ‘ Aaj meri bhai ke shadi hai”


  4. As Salaam Mu Alaikum, Brother!

    SuBhAnAlLaH! YoU gUyS hAvE dOnE a WoNdErFuLlY aWeSoMe tHiNg WiTh ThIs SiTe! MaY AlLaH rEwArD yOu AbUnDaNtLy!!!

    I was at a friend’s/ neighbor’s wedding a few weeks (neighbor’s a few weeks back and friend’s yesterday) back and that the time of her RuKhSaTi they had the nasheed “MaA bAaP kI dUa LeKaR jA.. JaHaAn TuJhE…”. Obviuosly at that time I was so emotional that I did not pay attention to the wording but later I did. SuBhAnAlLaH! MaShAlLaH! It was SoOoOo heartfelt!!! I asked who sang that and was told ImRaN dAhYa; sadly until that moment I never heard of him before. Anyhow while googling I found this fansite, AlHaMdUliLaH!!! This happens to be the only place that I found in which I can download anything – ThAnX to you guys so like JaZaKAlLah!!! I see you also take requests. So I have a couple of ReQuEsTs, if you can add them PlEaSe (no idea what album or whatnot they go to) I would be really thankful! And of course my du’as will be with ya’ll FoReVa!!!! (lol) Anyhow here are my request (sorry if I make some mistake but I’ve heard em maybe once):

    1. That one nasheed I was telling you about that was so heartfelt to be MaA BaAp Ki DuA LeKaR JaA…

    2. I was hearing the Nasheed “AlLaH kE bAnDe” that you have put up here. SuBhAnAlLaH! I think it’s really something to think about. I like it. I was wondering if Br. ImRaN dAhYa has any other nasheed that maybe talks about PrOpHeTs or some historical person or whatnot so it’s a way to learn and EnJoY??

    3. “Tu Ghafoor Raheem Hai… Teri rahmat ke piyaase hum…”

    4. “Hamaare khuda ne banaa hame.. ussi ne khilaaya pilaaya humme…”

    5. “Shaadi Mubarak ho dulha dulhan ko.. unhi hanso khailo…”

    6. “Shaadi hai ek BeAuTiFul N GoOd… yeh hai ek Halaal sunlo…”

    7. “Maahe Ramzaan aaya hai.. Barkatoun ke din aaye…”

    8. “Kitna bechan ho ke.. Madineh chalaa.. Mujhko kya khabar Madinah hai kitna piyaara…”

    9. “Rahte nahi qaabo mein.. jazbaat Madineh mein…”

    10. “Ek hi hasrat hai baaqi.. madineh ko jaae..”

    11. “dekho shaadi ke jhora mein dulhan sajhi hai…”

    12. “yeh mere dil.. har dam yeh dua kar… Yaa Mere MaAliK tu sab ka bhala kar…”

    13. “Palestine hamaara hai…”

    SoRrY I tHiNk I sOrTa gOt CaRrIeD aWaY! Lol.. I hOpE iT’s OkAy!!! TaKe YoUr TiMe ThErE’s No RuSh ReAlLy BuT iF yOu CaN gEt Em UpLoAdEd By ThE eNd Of MaY i’D aPpReCiAtE iT!

    ThAnX aGaIn, BrO!!! ShUkRaN!!! JaZaKAlLaHu KhAiR!!! πŸ™‚

    • Jazak Illah Khair Sister… I’m Overwhelmed By Your Long Post lol!

      “Allah Ke Bande” Is From The Album “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum”, Already On The Site Alhamdulillah. Brother Imran Dahya Reads A Lot Of Such Poems, I Can’t List Them All LOL. Just Download From The Site Like Crazy And Enjoy :P.

      “Rehte Nahin Qaabu Mein” And “Ek Hi Hasrat” Are From Shadow Of Mercy Coming Up Next Insha Allah.

      “Shadi Mubarak Ho Dulha Dulhan Ko”, “Dekho Shadi Ke Jorre Mein Dulhan Saji (Actually Titled Maa Baap Ki Dua Dulha Dulhan Ko Yahan)”, And “Shadi Hai Ek Beautiful And Good (Actually, It’s “Shadi Hai Ek Beautiful Angle”) Are From Shadi Ka Tohfa.

      “Maa Baap Ki Duayein Leti Ja – The One Which You Heard At The Rukhsati” and “Hamare Khuda” Are From The Album Shadi Mubarak, Coming Up Very Soon After Shadow Of Mercy Insha Allah!

      “Yeh Mere Dil (Actually, Ae Mere Dil)” Is From The Album Yaaday Ilaahi, “Rememberance Of Allah”.

      “Palestine Hamara Hai” Is From Shuhudayay Islam.

      The Rest, Namely “Tu Ghafoor Ur Raheem Hai”, “Mahay Ramzan Aaya Hai” and “Kitna Bechen Ho Ke” Are All From The Album Ramzan Ki Barkat.

      Insha Allah There Will Be A New Album Uploaded Each Week :D. By Tomorrow Insha Allah “Shadow Of Mercy” And “Shadi Mubarak” Will Be Uploaded.

      Jazak Illah Khair!

  5. As SaLaAm Mu AlAiKuM , bRoThEr!

    FiRsT oF aLl, I’vE aCtUaLlY gOnE aHeAd AnD dOwNlOaDeD AlL tHe NaShEeDs ThAt YoU hAvE pOsTeD uP — SuBhAnAlLaH tHeRe WeRe SoOo MaNy !!! πŸ™‚

    JaZaK AlLaHu KhAiR for the new ShAdOw Of MeRcY album that you have uploaded! It’s pretty nice MaShAlLaH!!! BrOtHeR ImRaN dAhYa rocks!! May AlLaH bless him and reward him!!! πŸ˜€

    Anyhow, I was wondering can you tell me in which order you would be downloading the albums please (so I like know how long I have to wait for which one)??? :-/ … Are there any more albums apart from the ones stated above? I didn’t realize they were NaShEeDs from so many different albums!!!! O and btw, sorry about the mistakes!!!! :”> JaZaK AlLah for fixin’ me though!!! πŸ™‚

    So five more albums are to be uploaded? 5 weeks then???

    1. ShAdI mUbaRak
    2. ShAdi Ka ToFa
    3. YaAdAy IlAaHi
    4. ShUHuDaYaY iSlAm
    5. RaMzAn Ki BaRkAt

    Are there any more that he has????

    JaZaKs aGaIn!!!

    • I’m sorry sister, but the remaining five albums are all that I have of brother Imran Dahya. Insha Allah I will upload them in the exact order which you wrote them in ;). Yup, your maths is quite right Masha Allah, five weeks more :D.

      Insha Allah by then I will try to get more albums of brother Imran Dahya too.

  6. OnE dOwN n FoUr To Go!!!! LoL.. ThAnX! :)… JaZaKAlLaH

  7. As Salaam Mu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

    I really enjoyed listening to Brother Imran Dahya’s nasheeds that you have posted up. All I wanted to say was Jazak kumullahu Khairan Katheeraa .

  8. SaLaAmZ!!! πŸ™‚ aNoThEr DoWn N 3 mOrE tO gOoOo! :D.. ThAnX bRo!!! JaZakAlLaH πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry Sister! Been Busy With Exams – Will Insha Allah Be Uploading More Albums By Tomorrow And Will Also Be Upgrading The Site To A New, More Attractive Design Insha Allah πŸ˜€

  10. HeY, SalAaM! No PrOb, BrO. I wAs JuSt WoNdErIn’ WaT hApPeNeD! πŸ™‚ GoOd LuCk On YoUr ExAmZ! mAy AlLaH heLp Ya Do WoNdErFuLlY! … WiLl Be LoOkInG FrWd To ThE mOrE aLbUmS n NeW DeSiGn InSha AlLaH! πŸ˜€

  11. Salaamz! WhAt HaPpEnEd? ThE nEw DeSiGn WuZ hOtTt BuT nOw It’S bAck To NoRmAl.. BtW, tHaNx bRo fOr DoWnlOaDiN dA lAtEsT alBum! πŸ™‚

  12. Mashallah

    Ever Album that Imran Dahya Has produced are just stunning, for people with music problems this shows how we can obtain suwaab for lisneting to heart felt nasheeds with a hint of what we are used to, brother jazakkah for uploading the albums may allah give you the suwaab for us all lisenting i am playing these every morining in my office and would like to say Jazakallah to you and if you require any help that i can offer do let me know, very provilaged to see the time and effort you have put uploading the amazing albums, once again Jazakllah πŸ™‚

    • Jazak Allah Khair For Your Reply! Feels Nice To Know That Someone Is Benefiting From This Humble Work πŸ™‚

      All I Need For Support Is Your Duas, Both For Me And Brother Imran Dahya, And Prayers That I Be Able To Contact Brother Imran Dahya, As I Have Been Trying To Do That Since 3 Years, Without Any Luck 😦

      Jazak Allah Khair For Your Love πŸ˜€

  13. Salaam. I Was So Happy That I Found This Website. JazakaAllah. By The Way Do You Have Any Info About Imran Dahya.. It Would Be Nice 2 Know a Little About Him. =)

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